• Imported from UK.
    Box contents: * Mitsubishi Evolution 7-9 4G63 Larger Injection Strip Product details: * Made from aluminium * CNC Machined * Anodised purple Description: If you want to dramatically increase the performance of your vehicle, you have to increase the amount of fuel. The installation of a larger injection strip also provides sufficient fuel for larger injectors and thus creates a good basis for further tuning measures. This injection moulding is a vehicle-specific product, suitable for Mitsubishi Evo 7-9 with 4G63 engine. Changes to the fuel system and the engine control are necessary. Please note that larger injectors are usually those that need to be installed with topfeed nozzles. If your vehicle has sidefeed nozzles as standard, the use of topfeed nozzles is necessary. (Please compare the nozzle intake of the product images with those of the original injection strip!) Tuning Part Notes: Please note that some tuning parts require approval by an expert (TÜV). If registration is required, please consult with an expert of your trust. If it is not stated otherwise in the offer, the above product will be delivered without an opinion. Parts without expert advice may be by a single acceptance, however, this is at the discretion of the inspector and should be disclosed in advance with it.