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Stainless Steel Teapot - Thick Large Capacity Stainless Steel Kettle Gas Electric Kettle | Wild Catering Water Kettle, Storage Water Container,5L

AED 408
Size: 5L

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Product Description

The spout streamlined with smooth water, can gather the water flow, avoiding burns when pouring water

The spout has a small cover that not only prevents dust from falling in, but also prevents burns when the steam erupts.

Large jug design, easy to fill water, easy to clean, you can put your hand into the pot for cleaning

The movable handle is made of anti-scalding material, the non-slip is not hot, the grip is comfortable, and the pot is labor-saving.

The bottom of the ring shaped energy pot is evenly heated and placed stably. It is suitable for all kinds of stoves. If you don't have a place to store water in the wild, you can also use it as a water container.

Imported from UK


Life is constantly happening. Sometimes we should learn to slow down and enjoy a cup.

Material: Stainless steel

Capacity: 4L/5L/6L/10L

Function: automatic sound, uniform heat conduction, increased capacity

The body is integrally formed to create a thick, durable and corrosion resistant
Inner layer stainless steel, medium heat conductive stainless steel layer, outer layer high finish stainless steel
Sound device, non-slip anti-scalding handle,

Use scenario: use in home, office, restaurant, etc.

Applicable stove: gas stove, induction cooker