• Wifi Controlled Smart Shade. No Hub Needed. Plug into wall outlet..
  • Control via Phone App---download the Link Shades Web App--Movement, Schedules.
  • Control via Voice--- Alexa---search for the Link Shades App in the Alexa App Store.
  • Control via (If This, Then That) to connect to Google Home and other Smart Home Devices….Recipes available thru
  • Control via included Wand for those users desiring manual controls.
  • Imported from USA.
Size:30 x 72 Inch Color:Blackout White Link Shades are easy to use Wifi Controlled Smart Shades. No Hub is needed. No remote is required. Simply mount the shade, plug the shade into the wall outlet, set the Shade's Upper and Lower limits to your desired position, and connect to your home Wifi. We provide a detailed User Manual which includes Mounting Instructions, Set-up Instructions and links to corresponding Set-up Videos. The Link Shade is designed to be controlled either thru the Link Shades Web App (downloadable onto your phone/computer) or via Voice Control (Alexa for , IFTTT for Google and other speakers). You can use the Raise, Lower, % Up/Down and Stop commands. You can set Schedules based upon Day of the Week, and the Time of Day. Customized Schedules are easy to make. In addition, we include a Wand for users who want to manually control the shade. We also include a 4 foot power extension cord to connect two shades to each other. The extension cord provides the power to the second shade (Note: the second shade will still have its own controls). Box includes the Shade with the installed motor, Mounting Hardware, Wire Molding (plastic covers to hide the power cord), 12 Volt/3 Amp AC Adapter with a 9 foot cord, additional 4 foot power cord extension, Control Box with electronics, Wand, Mounting Instructions, Set-Up Instructions