Product: 158421479

Dot Wired Mechanical Keyboard Green Axis Punk Game Office Home External USB Keyboard

Product Description

● Adopting aluminum alloy anodizing process, the surface is fine and wear-resistant, the inner ring is high-gloss, more rich in texture and technology

● Round retro two-color injection keycaps for delicate and comfortable feel. The two-color keycap technology keeps characters from fading for a long time.

● 12 combined function keys, multimedia buttons, and wN key lock, multi-function buttons are available, easy to operate

● FN+ PrtSc-----17 lighting effect mode cycle switching

● The key characters adopt radium carving technology, which is clear and distinct, durable, wear-resistant and comfortable to use for a long time.

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Imported from UK

Number of buttons: 104-key standard design

Keycap material: ABS two-color keycap

Quick function: Yes

Applicable type: code word office, competitive game

Backlight function: multiple backlight modes

Keyboard weight: 1140g

Transmission wire: tensile plastic wire (1.6m)