• Make your life more colorful: Diamond shaping can relieve stress and promote positive thinking, self-discipline and patience. The design of the 5D diamond painting is a very interesting and exciting process. Even if you need more time to complete, you and your child will love this time..
  • Simple and popular practice - rhinestone painting is easy to make. 5D rhinestone painting is the perfect decoration for living room, kitchen, bedroom, kindergarten, office, dining room, public place and so on. They can also be used as gifts or collectibles. Rhinestone paintings are also a perfect gift for friends, family and colleagues. Diamond paintings are becoming more and more popular..
  • Suitable for everyone: Diamond painting is a new way of innovative design. They are developed for experts, art scholars and non-professionals. Choose a diamond painting and start. Become an artist yourself. Family and friends will be very excited..
  • Note: This homemade rhinestone painting set includes a roller blind without a frame. You must complete this topic yourself. Production contains the necessary materials and tools. You can also complete this photo with your family. Enjoy your free time. Once complete, you can build the image and hang it as a decoration. It will change your room and your world..
  • Rhinestone painting craft package: including canvas, colored rhinestones and complete tool set (plate, clay, rhinestone glue stick, small plastic bag). The rhinestones are made with the latest technology to make the picture more glamorous and elegant. A rhinestone made of synthetic resin creates a new form of cross stitch. The preprinted grid helps to place the rhinestones..
  • Imported from UK.
Size:55x70cm Tips: This is an unfinished rhinestones painting that you first have to design yourself. Rhinestone painting craft kit including canvas, colorful rhinestones, plastic plate, clay, small plastic bag. Note: If you are buying a rhinestone mosaic for the first time, please read the following instructions: 1. Please do not fold the canvas to avoid crumpling. 2. Please do not pull off the transparent paper on the image all at once, just remove one part to keep the glue thick. 3. Please keep the rhinestones out of reach of children to prevent them from being swallowed. 4. Please lay the picture on a flat table during production. 5. Due to the manufacturing process, some rhinestones may have defects. For the best result, please choose only flawless rhinestones. Instructions for creating the diamond image: 1. Open the box and lay out the picture. The canvas has symbols that match the color code. 2.Check the rhinestone colors arranged in the order of color coding. 3. Insert the rhinestones according to the color coding. 4. We recommend that you use one rhinestone color at a time to complete the picture faster. 5. Carefully apply the rhinestones to the canvas to avoid cracks. 6. After finishing the project, use a nice frame for your painting to get the most out of it (frame not included).