Product Description

Beautiful blue purplish flowers

Tropical and subtropical tree

Imported from USA

One Jacaranda tree seedling plant in 2.5 inch pot - They are about 3-6 inches tall (Jacaranda Mimosifolia)

Jacaranda is a Beautiful flowering plants in the family Bignoniaceae, native to tropical and subtropical regions of
Central America, South America, Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica and the Bahamas. It has been planted widely in Asia,
especially in Nepal. It is also quite common in South Africa and Zimbabwe. It has been introduced to most tropical and
subtropical regions.

The species are shrubs to large trees ranging in size from 20 to 30 m (66 to 98 ft) tall. The leaves are bipinnate in
most species, pinnate or simple in a few species. The flowers are produced in conspicuous large panicles, each flower
with a five-lobed blue to purple-blue corolla; a few species have white flowers.

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