VALUEMAN ORGANIC Water Sanitizer Aquatic Plant Fertilizer(1 L)

AED 158

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Product Description

Cure Aquatic is a broad spectrum water sanitizer. Composition: Benzalkonium chloride Formaldehyde Gultaraldehyde
Malachite Green ..with stabilizer Key benefits: 1) Cure Aquatic acts rapidly and works in different pond conditions. 2)
Prevents almost all diseases caused by major four major Pathogen families viz. bacteria virus, Micoplasma and Fungi. 3)
Cure Aquatic does not cause any stress on shrimp or Fish. 4) Cure Aquatic improves water quality. 5) Cure Aquatic
protects shrimp or fish from various microbial diseases. 6) Cure Aquatic is resistant to temperature changes in pond
water. 7) Cure Aquatic helps to reduce gill infections. Application: Take recommended dosage of Cure Aquatic mix with
pond water and distribute evenly on the pond surface Dosage: Use 1ltr per acre (5ft depth). Or As per advice by aqua
consultant. Presentation : 1 ltr
Model Number: Water Sanitizer
Quantity: 1
Form Factor: Liquid
Container Type: Bag

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