• ★★ Extended frequency response is excellent for singing, speech and Voice over, Performed perfectly in reproduces sound, high quality mic ensure your exquisite sound reproduces on the internet..
  • Unique omnidirectional microphone: Automatically filters out noise and unexpected noise, clears and strengthens the main source through the sponge cover.
  • The extended frequency response is perfect for singing, lectures and instruments, perfect interpretation of sound, high quality microphones and perfect tape recorders to ensure your beautiful sound is reproduced on the internet.
  • The frequency response is wide and the sound is clear and transparent. Extremely high signal output cuts your voice..
  • ★★ Upgraded noise reduction technology, continuous frequency, low interference, stable signal and fast transmission speed.Able to maintain a loud, clear, high-fidelity sound, so your voice will be more stereo and sexy.
  • Imported from UK.
It is suitable especially for studios, recording, broadcasting, meeting and gaming etc. Type: Wired Connection: 3.5mm Frequency Range : 30Hz - 20kHz Sensitivity Range: 25mV / Pa Cable Length (cm): 2.54 m Package Contents: 1 x Condenser Microphone, 1 x Shock Mount, 1 x Tripod, 1 x Power Cord, 1 x Anti-wind Foam Cap , Packing List: 1 X Microphone Feel free to ask us if you have any doubt about compatibility.