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SXZHSM Facial Lifting Mask Chin Ribbon Silicone V Mask Mask Powerful Bandage V Face Artifact Small V Face Bandage Facial And Neck Lifting Pink Silicone Bandage Facial shaping mask

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Product Description

Lightweight and breathable fabric, fine workmanship, soft fabric, good wrapping and no odor.

Use physical traction to firm the skin and lift the skin to firm the face, reduce facial wrinkles, reduce wrinkles and improve skin firmness.

The body's V-face creates a beautiful facial contour through physical strength, and the body is safe without side effects.

Depending on the size of the acupuncture points, a smooth three-dimensional massage point can better lift the skin, tighten the skin and help shape the chin contour.

Imported silica gel, non-toxic and tasteless, soft and comfortable. When stretching, it is like a gentle hand stretching. Silicone also has good stretchability and is not easily broken.

Imported from UK

3D facial design, more suitable for facial structure, precise scale design, the effect is more significant

The V-face is made of spandex and nylon fabric for breathable comfort. V face will not be stuffy in summer, the effect
is more ideal.

Fine workmanship, close to the skin, easy to wear, stable to wear, not easy to slide, not easy to loose, not easy to


Product Name: Facial Lift Bandage

Product color: pink

Product material: soft silicone

Product size: single code

Medium thickness, breathable, uniform pressure uniformity

Soft, comfortable, wearable and convenient

After a period of time, you can bring you a satisfactory shaping effect.

Pressure equalization

Does not hurt the skin, is not easy to deform, super elastic, ultra-thin, super breathable, elastic and durable

Flexible and durable

Don't worry about the discomfort caused by the sultry face.

It is used to tighten the face and reduce wrinkles during sleep or rest.

Product advantages:

1, strong pulling force, uniform distribution of elasticity, far superior to the traditional cloth mask, can achieve a
tight and unrestrained effect;

2, good biocompatibility: strong adhesion to the skin, strong traction, not easy to slide;

3, strong durability, not easy to age. Longer use time

4, high cleanliness, easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria.

Manual measurement error 1-2cm is normal

The cause of the display and the environment will result in a slight chromatic aberration between the image and the real

This product only contains facial bandages and designated accessories. Other non-designated items are limited to

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