• PREMIUM ART TOOL - Meticulously designed by American Crafts using high-grade materials that are carefully selected to last over time. Produced using the finest pieces of interactively safe materials for trouble-free crafting..
  • EXCLUSIVE DESIGN - Originally designed by Heidi Swapp for the MINC collection curated to enhance every art enthusiast's love for craft and creativity..
  • PRECISE ADHESIVE SOLUTION - Developed with a wide tip designed for easy application, this glue pen gives you the advantage of sticking embellishments without the mess of spilling glue on the surface of your projects..
  • SCRAPBOOKING ESSENTIAL - Ideally made for multiple scrapbooking and DIY projects! This glue pen can be used for custom designing or adding embellishments and glitters to stamped designs..
  • TRUSTED MANUFACTURER - American Crafts was founded in 1994 and is known for fresh, clean product design and friendly, personalized customer service. Their products feature bright, vibrant colors, and an inspiring contemporary feel..
  • Imported from UK.
Experience hassle-free crafting and create wonderful pieces of art projects with the Heidi Swapp MINC Collection Glue Pen from American Crafts! Crafted using state-of-the-art techniques, this glue pen is tailored using interactive safe materials for more comfortable use. Exclusively manufactured for the MINC collection designed by Heidi Swapp curated to support every artist's love for the art. Ideally crafted to give you the freedom of creating custom designs suited for every project you make! Developed with a wide tip for easy application, this adhesive solution offers quick and comfortable use, prime the pen by pushing the tip several times to start the flow of glue. It's designed to give every crafter the advantage of polishing projects without the mess. It can be used for personalizing designs and layouts or adding embellishments to stamped designs. Complete your arsenal of scrapbooking essentials and get the right materials from American Crafts!