• ❤❤The latest Halloween theme nail stickers in 2019, a package contains 5 different styles of stickers, each with 12 small stickers, a total of 60 small stickers, free to match the style, enough to use..
  • ❤❤The raw materials are tested by SGS and do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful substance. Medical grade adhesive, safe and non-toxic, not easy to fall off..
  • ❤❤After cleaning the nails, cut the size that suits your nails, take out the stickers and slowly stick them along the edges of the nails, and rub the excess stickers with the nail files..
  • ❤❤In order to make the effect better and lasting, after applying, you can apply transparent nail polish as sealing and fixing, and finally use nail lamp to dry..
  • ❤❤And when you want to replace it, just tear it off and the nails are clean..
  • Imported from USA.
Design:Nail stickers ***Trim the nails and clean them, treat the edges and polish the nail surface. ***Use a nail sticker to compare your fingers and choose the nail sticker that best suits your nail size. ***Uncover the transparent film, stick the stickers to the nail, and press it properly to make it fit. ***The excess nails on the front end are folded down, and some thin and light stickers can be cut directly by the nails. ***Use a nail file to wear off excess edges. ***5 minutes to complete the nail art, high-quality nail stickers, do not need to wait, do not need special care, wash hands, bath, exercise, swimming, will not fall. ***By the way,our shop has other matching nail tools.Can also be selected together.

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