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The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others - 15th Anniversary Edition Anniversary Edition

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“A rare treat: a biblical scholar of first rank offers the fruit of his own personal study, life experience, and
prayerful reflections. Clearly written, eminently practical, and based on a wide range of sage traditions (Protestant,
Catholic, and Jewish). One does not have to agree with Scot in all the particulars to see that he has produced a work of
real value.” —Scott Hahn

“Make sure this new guide for living is on your shelf.” —Max Lucado

“Scot brings us into conversation with Jesus in the places and conditions in which we live our ordinary lives.” —Eugene
H. Peterson

"Scot has been a kind of secret weapon for my own education and growth. Now he can be yours as well. This book will
bring Jesus' world and yours much closer together." —John Ortberg

"McKnight's book first came out 10 years ago. This is an anniversary edition in which McKnight again asks not what the
creedal confessions of the Christian church have been throughout its history but, rather, what Jesus' own creed might
have been. McKnight reduces that creed to loving God and loving neighbor." —Bill Tammeus, KC Star Faith Matters blog

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About the Author

Scot McKnight, Ph.D. is Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary and the author of The Jesus Creed, 40 Days
Living the Jesus Creed, and many other books. He lives with his wife, Kristen, in the Chicago suburbs.

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