• Language: English.
  • Binding: Paperback.
  • Publisher: Infinity Publishing (PA).
  • ISBN: 9780741439710, 0741439719.
  • Edition: 2007.
  • Pages: 304.
    This gripping historical novel takes us to Europe during the last century -- a world far different from ours, yet with striking similarities. It is the story of three college friends and their families, well educated, well to do, and loyal to the monarchy. Delighted, they see conservative Hindenburg win the elections. But within months, the reigns of government tighten -- Hindenburg's new chancellor, Adolph Hitler, asserts more power daily. Blinded by his grand promises in their hour of need, the people applaud him; yet he leads them into tyranny and doom. Why did people fall under his spell? The author gives compelling answers by reaching behind the mystique that shrouded Hitler's persona -- the man who called himself The Savior sent by God. In the background Europe wavers at a crossroad: Vienna, a city of splendor and abject poverty, Hitler a choirboy at the monastery where he noticed the swastika, his years in the gutter, his stormy love affair with a niece half his age whose murder raised questions. In the foreground whirl the loves and lives of civilians suddenly caught in a chokehold, coping with adversity, fearful of informers, and struggling to maintain their integrity. They excel in endurance, and become masters of ingenuity to make do with next to nothing. When Europe lies in ashes, the golden, merciful hand of the Marshall Plan helps Europe back to its feet. It is an inspiring chronicle of the resilience and the triumph of the human spirit. Language: English Binding: Paperback Publisher: Infinity Publishing (PA) ISBN: 9780741439710, 0741439719 Edition: 2007 Pages: 304 Publication Year: 2007 Author: Roswitha McIntosh Width: 5.51 inch Height: 0.64 inch Weight: 354 g