Product: 158430507

Bridge Rectifier, MXG(Y)16-15 Rotating Rectifier High Quality Bridge Rectifier Module Generator Accessory

AED 105

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Product Description

Made from premium material, simple construction, long service life.

It can effectively help the generator to adjust the current to the standard level.

Brand new and high quality rectifier, stable performance.

Adopting original imported diode, with excellent rectification function.

Professional manufacturing, exquisite workmanship, high reliability.

Imported from UK

Condition: 100% brand new
Working temperature: - 40℃ to +125℃ (thyristor, rapid thyristor); -40℃ to +150℃ (rectifier tube, fast recovery diode,
ultra-fast recovery diode)
Relative humidity: ≤85%
Altitude: below 1000 meters

Requirements and Suggestions for module installation:
A) The installation surface of the module shall be smooth without scratches, bumps and sundries;
B) When installing the module to the heat sink, gently remove the oxide layer on the surface of the heat sink with fine
sandpaper, wipe the surface of the heat sink with anhydrous ethanol, and then evenly apply a thin layer of
heat-conducting silica gel on the contact surface of the copper base plate and the heat sink to make the contact good
and reduce the thermal resistance;
C) When fastening the module on the heat sink surface, use M5 or M6 flat batten and spring washer, and fasten the screw
with (5+1)Nm force distance;
D) The wiring of the main electrode of the module shall be copper strip with smooth, flat and sufficient contact
surface. The contact must be good. The tightening moment of force shall be: if M5 screws are used, the moment of force
shall be (3) Nm; if M6 screws are used, the moment of force is (5+1)Nm. if M8 screws are used, the moment of force is
(9+1) Nm.

Package List:
1 * MXY16-15 Rectifier Module
1 * MXG16-15 Rectifier Module

1. The environment should be free from violent vibration and impact, and the environment medium should be free from
corrosive metal, damaging the insulation of the magazine and atmosphere.
2. When forced air cooling is adopted in the module, the wind speed shall be 6 m/s and the ambient temperature shall be
-40℃ to +40℃.