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The Author: Ettore Ghibellino was born in Waiblingen/Germany in 1969 and grew up in Italy and Germany. He
studied in Tübingen, Belfast, Oxford, Speyer, Rome, and Bayreuth. He holds an MA from Tübingen and a Magister Juris from
Oxford. Since 2001 he has been living as a freelance author in Weimar. He is editor of the works of Giuseppi Maccari
(1840-1867), whom he has discovered. The publication of his Goethe biography in 2003 caused a sensation in some circles.
Ghibellino is Chairman of the Anna Amalia & Goethe Society and founder of the Anna Amalia & Goethe Academy in Weimar.
Alongside his striving to promote a fresh view of Weimar Classicism, he is writing a European Bildungsroman and is
engaged in film projects.
The Translator: Dan Farrelly was born in Melbourne in 1934. He studied in Melbourne, Frankfurt, and Strasbourg, where
he completed his doctorate in 1970. From 1968 he was lecturer in German at University College Dublin, and became
Director of the Drama Studies Centre there in 1995. Since 1999 he has translated and published (with Carysfort Press)
several of Goethe’s works. He has also translated Büchner’s Woyzeck (Carysfort Press) and Wedekind’s Frühlings Erwachen
(commissioned by Ireland Literature Exchange, though not yet published).

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