SAFLAX - Stone Pine - 6 Seeds - with Soil - Pinus pinea

AED 67

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Product Description

Mediterranean holiday feeling at home

6 seeds per packet

With detailed instructions for successful potting.

With germfree and permeable potting substrate based on coconut fiber for suceessful cultivation.

Holidaymakers of the Mediterranean region know all too well the feeling of resting in the shade of a pine tree and taking in the harsh spicy fragrance of the soft, dark-green needles. With just a little effort you can create this atmosphere in your home since the Italian Stone Pine can easily be cultivated in a tub, where it also will gro ….. (In the pictures you will find a picture of the back of our seed card with complete nursing and care instructions)

Imported from USA

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Within the pictures you will find a clearly legible picture with all the information.

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22918-pinus-pinea-K-VS-A.jpg - Frank Laue - Saflax -
12401-Kokostab-500-ml.jpg - Frank Laue - Saflax -
12918-pinus-pinea-K-RS-A.jpg - Frank Laue - Saflax -
12918-32-Pinus-pinea.jpg - Fontema - CC0 -
12918-33-Pinus-pinea.jpg - Fontema - Public domain -
12918-34-Pinus-pinea.jpg - Arpingstone - public domain -
12918-35-Pinus-pinea.jpg - Roberto Picco - CC-BY-2.0 -
12918-36-Pinus-pinea.jpg - Javier martin - Public domain -
12918-31-Pinus-pinea.jpg - Alessio Sbarbaro - CC-BY-SA-3.0 -

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