• Affordable complete shock package that includes front and rear shocks.
  • Compatible with stock geometry and most popular aftermarket geometries.
  • Gives a second life to UTVs that are older or have worn-out shocks.
  • Great improvement in comfort and performance vs. stock OE shocks.
  • Customized for your rider profile.
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  • Imported from USA.
The customization of these shocks will not begin until we receive your response to the questionnaire below. You may message us immediately with your responses, or one of our customer representatives will be in touch via Messages to gather the information that is required. The Stage 1 is our most accessible entry-level shock model designed to upgrade your UTV’s suspension beyond the capabilities of the stock shocks. They are ideal to replace worn out stock shocks or to upgrade the handling of your vehicle in simplicity. Rider Questionnaire * Year/Make/Model * Rider Weight(with riding gear on) * Number of Passengers (1, 2, 3, 4): * Do you Carry Additional Payload? * Spare Tire in the Rear * Extra Fuel * Other * Geometry: * Stock Geometry * Aftermarket Geometry * Primary Type of Riding: * Recreational/Trails * MX Riding * XC Riding * Desert * Dunes * Flat Track/Short Track Racing * Tires * Stock Tires * Aftermarket Tires * If You Run Aftermarket tires, Brand and Size * Any Additional Information