• Vegetarian.
  • Gluten Free, Millet Based and Air Fried Snack.
  • Diabetic Friendly.
  • Shelf Life: 180 Days.
  • No Preservatives & Chemicals.
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  • Imported from UK.
Take a break, have a dig and binge on these chaklis! These round snacks are a complete circle of wholesomeness as they are rich in iron and protein, full of minerals / nutrients & great for ur taste buds! Traditionally these are deep fried whereas our chaklis are airfried with very less calories in them! About Brand Experience the excellent taste with exemplary energy benefits - try our "Signature Option" with fresh hand pounded spices & stone crushed flours & condiments with kachi ghani oil as ingredients! Custom made against orders only! We have own Flour mill for making fresh in-house flours and have our own special dough combos. Make our own curated and created a spice combo of different 'gharanas' of ancient Indian times! We make our own custom-made natural dehydrated flavours & spice powders (All In-House). Cooking traditionally with modern equipment which helps in maintaining nutrition and taste. Only Natural colours & flavours are used. A big no-no to all Whites in our products. Prepared fresh & mostly against orders only, not stored or stocked, just made fresh to refresh, rejuvenate & recharge you! And all prepared without adding any chemical preservatives, emulsifiers or artificial colours or tastemakers.