Xbshmw Metal Detector - High-Frequency Dual-D Coils The Anode Translucent LCD Display Is Equipped with A Backlight for Detected in Complex Areas of High Mineralization

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Product Description

★TRUE DISCRIMINATION MODE - Metal detector can detect metals including iron, aluminum, gold, brass, silver and their articles in all-metal mode.The product has four preset metal detection modes, plus all-metal detection mode, which can be personalized.

★ADJUSTABLE IRON SHIELDS ARE DESIGNED FOR EXPLORATION MODE:With this feature, you can detect probes located near ferrous metals.Both have automatic or manual ground balance, tracking and now tracked ground balance offset adjustment. When these functions are detected in wetland and sand transition zones and hot rock areas, the balance value is slightly adjusted to a positive or negative value to show the performance advantage of detecting it.

★DOUBLE FINE POINT MODE: Automatic alignment. With the new arranging function of the product, users can obtain valuable information such as shape, size and other variable and graphical indicators of the detection target.

★TARGET IDENTITY STABILITY FUNCTION : When detecting in a highly garbage area, you can effectively detect the area containing garbage and obtain accurate and stable detection signals.

★SAVE ENERGY:The anode translucent LCD display is equipped with a backlight, even in a dark environment, you can clearly see the information on the screen, which can save energy and extend battery life.

Imported from UK

Exploration modes can be detected in complex areas of high mineralization. High-frequency dual-D coils make you more
comfortable with these harsh environments. Whether looking for gold nuggets or exploring artifacts or some kind of
jewellery, exploration mode can provide you with the ideal detection performance.

technical parameter
Scope of application: Looking for gold, sand gold, silver dollar, treasure, etc.
Technical principle: VFLEX
Frequency / transmission: 7.5kHz
Coil (standard): double D
Audio output: built-in speaker and 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) headphone jack.
Visual display: large monochrome 76mm x 37mm (3" x 1.75") transflective LCD
Length 1.220m - 1.420m (48" - 56").
Weight 1.3kg (2.9lbs) (ex. battery).

Sensitivity adjustment: adjustable (1 to 30)
Adjustment / Noise: 5 channels (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2), manual and automatic.
Battery: 4 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

NO RISK INVESTMENT - we are confident about our metal detector. All our metal detector were manufactured under strict
quality standards and 100% checked before shipment. In case you are not satisfied with our metal detector.Any questions
please contact us, and for sure we will find the right solution for you.

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