• ✿Highly Compatible--This is the most versatile paracord handle on the market for most brands.Compatible with wide-mouth 12 oz,16 oz,18 oz,20 oz,24 oz,32 oz,and 40 oz water bottle.Works well on Hydro Flask, Simple Modern,Klean Kanteen,Swig Savvy,Nalgene,Takeya,and other wide mouth water bottle..
  • ✿Protecting The Safety Of The Water Bottle--The rope strap is made of 7 military standard parachute rope (550 + 350) inner strands. After testing, the single rope can withstand up to 300 lb. A durable rubber safety ring with a nylon cord provides double safety and will ensure that your wide-mouth bottle is safe under all conditions!.
  • ✿Ideal For Outdoor Activities-- The compass can help you guide you when you are lost outdoors. Emergency whistles can help you remind and ask for help! In special cases, our ropes can be disassembly and stretched to 11-12 feet long. It can be used for repairs,shoelace,hunting, fixed wounds,catapult,fixed emergency shelter and countless other uses. It will make your trip easier and safer..
  • ✿Designed For Personal and Practical Use-- this Hydro Flask handle comes with a safety ring and an easy-to-remove carabiner for easy to hang on backpacks, belts, suitcases, bicycles, branches, etc. You can drink water at any time. Perfect for the gym, outdoor hiking, Yoga camping, biking, backpacking, all sport and outdoor activities..
  • ✿Fashion & Durable Accessories--The cup rope is a comfortable, stylish way to carry your bottle. Don't worry about dropping or losing you expensive water bottle. New paracord handles are thicker and made of two braided threads. The grip feels more comfortable when held. The vivid, bright color design does not fade..
  • Imported from USA.
About Paracord Handle Are you looking for a safe and convenient way to Protect your wide mouth flask? Stop watching! The Paracord handle is something you have been waiting for. Our staff is as passionate and passionate about hiking and nature as you are, so we designed this Paracord handle based on past travel experiences and consumer feedback from us! Now, you can release your hands and don't have to worry about accidentally losing or damaging your precious Hydro Flask wide-mouth bottle and have a good time with your family! Package Included This hydroflask handle paracord comes with 【a built-in compass】, 【a security ring】,【a self-defense whistle】, 【a magnesium fire starter】,【A carabiner】and 【easily detachable ropes】, being the ideal accessory for your camping or hiking trips! Installation Tips In order to easy install, you can put the rubber safety ring into the hot water or hot air from a hairdryer for a couple minutes(Principle of expansion by heat and contraction by cold). In the prosess of installation, because of the strength of the ring, you need to press the side of the ring first , and then slowly press the other side. Need some strength. Upon the plastics cooling down, it reverted back to its original stiffened form again and works perfectly! Free 100% Lifetime Guarantee If you're not completely satisfided with our product, you will get a 100% complete refund. This will be one of your coolest purchases ever,join thousands of sport bottles lovers who depend on the Flaskars Paracord Handle.