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CGDX Mesh Film One Way Vision Perforated Black Fly Eye Window Car Rear Light Headlight Legal Tint 50cmx500cm Black mesh film

AED 392

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Product Description

EFFECTIVE UV REJECTION: Solar decorative films can significantly reduce glare, save energy, control heat and block out 99% of UV rays, which is great for people with sensitive skin conditions and protect your interior furnishings from premature fading, mainly for applying on buildings but can be fitted to most glass including vehicles if required.

UPGRADE NEW GLUE: Mirrored films are not sticky after water immersion and easier to install than glue film by using water solution; after the water is dry, the viscosity is restored and it is stronger than the glueless one.

MAGIC MIRROR EFFECT: Silver reflective film can instantly create one way mirror privacy, which means the outside glass will show a mirror effect to stop people seeing whilst you can still see out during daylight hours; During night hours when it is very dark outside and lights are on inside people will be able to see in and you will be looking at a slight mirror.

INCREASE SAFETY: Accidents, environmental effects and vandalism can instantly turn a pane of glass into life-threatening shards, our highly durable security window films act as a "safety net" by holding shattered glass together, which can avoid splash of broken pieces when the glass is hit.

DURABLE AND AFFORDABLE: Bring the magic mirror effect and decorate your living space with the minimum amount of work and cost, help save energy costs and keep your rooms or offices cooler, an inexpensive alternative to those costly mirrored windowpanes and walk-in shower doors.

Imported from UK

installation steps:

1. Measure the window and trim film to required size (approximately 1 inch larger than window for better adjustment).

2. Clean the window thoroughly, make sure glass surface is smooth and no dust on it.

3. Peel off clear backing film gently, be careful not to make the film sticking to itself when removing the backing
film, or it may leave crease.

4. Spray A LOT OF water both the adhesive side and window. The more, the better.

5. Apply the film to the glass.

6. Smooth out water or bubbles with soft cloth (too sharp or hard tools is not recommended).

7. Trim the excess film.

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