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HANSHAN Glass film Window Film,Two-way Perspective Solar Reflective Window Tint Self Adhesive Paper Glass Sticker Heat Control Anti-UV for Office 2 Pcs 28 Inch×5 Feet

AED 308

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Product Description

✿ Insulation and energy saving: Window film eliminates hot spots by suppressing infrared heat from the sun. By reflecting it away from windows to block infrared rays, it can keep cool in summer, keep heat in winter, and reduce heating and cooling costs.

✿ Size: 24inch × 5feet, 28inch × 5feet, 31inch × 5feet, 35inch × 5feet, 39inch × 5feet.

✿ Effective UV protection: Add sunglasses to your window. This anti-glare UV window film blocks harmful light, may damage your skin, and reduce the fading and aging of interior furnishings.

✿ Multi-purpose home or office use: Window film can be used in living rooms, kitchens, offices, bedrooms, sliding doors and any window that wants to block UV or high temperatures.

✿ Easy to install: Easy to install with soapy water on all smooth glass surfaces. Will not fade or blister, easy to remove, economical and practical.

Imported from UK

Size:39inch × 5feet


★HANSHAN-Economical, easy-to-use applications: High-quality window film helps decorate your space at the lowest cost, so
you can easily apply it to your home, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Very high end.

★【Merchandise quantity】:

●2 pcs.


●The one-way window film gives the window a reflective, mirrored appearance that blocks hot sunlight from entering the

●It suppresses about 99% of UV light and helps reduce fading of expensive furniture or other UV-sensitive items, and
about 80% of solar energy comes from the sun.

●By keeping your room cool and at moderate temperatures, you can promote a greener lifestyle by reducing energy use and
helping to create a greener world.


●The privacy of the window film varies with light and angle.

●Single plane perspective: One-way perspective means that the dark side of the light cannot be seen on the glare side,
which means that when the indoor light is stronger than the outside, the outside person can see the person inside.
Generally speaking, people outside can't see the people inside during the day.

●Different effects during the day and night: The outer glass will show the mirror effect during the day and keep your
privacy. When the indoor light is strong at night, the outer glass will lose the mirror effect, and the outside can also
see the inside.

●Mirror effect: The mirror effect we say means it has a slight reflective effect, not a mirror.

●Peel off the backing transparent protective film, stick the film on the window, press it from top to bottom with your
hand to make it close to the surface, and apply a protective film on the window film before scratching the water and air
bubbles to prevent damage. Window film.

★【Installation Instructions】:

●Clean the target surface thoroughly.

●Measure the surface and cut the film. Leave an extra inch margin each side for an easy adjustmen

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