• 1. Extra Large:43" x 14" x 23;This bag is super big to accommodate a large bale of hay.Kept it contained and dry..
  • 2. You can easily carry it with the handles it’s very sturdy . The waterproof material keeps your hay fresh..
  • 3. This works great to hold a bale of hay. It is very durable. You can use it to transport hay when you take your horse camping..
  • 4. The zipper operates smoothly & easily, it so such a easy to get the hay in and the hay out..
  • 5. This bale bag are great for storing hay or straw for donkeys/mules, chickens, rabbits, cattle, sheep and goats etc or you can using it for straw bales for the garden or storage other tools..
  • Imported from USA.
This hay bag has made it much easier for you to tote a square bale out to the field for your horses

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