• Japanese optical glass with precision milled aluminium frame.
  • Protects your lens from dust, moisture and scratches.
  • Multi layers coating on each surface reduce ghosting and reflections.
  • Hardness of the filters is up to 9HD, providing additional protection for your lens.
  • Greater Light transmission resulting in greater color output.
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  • Imported from INDIA.
Stela RI-PRO1 NDV a specially designed glass filter that attaches to the front of your camera lens to reduce variable amount of light that passes through it. By rotating the filter you can easily fine tune the amount of light entering your lens from ND2 to ND1000. This NDV Fader filter has a range of ND2-ND1000 has approximately 1 to 10 stops of Neutral Density variation. An NDV Filter is a special filter designed to reduce variable amount of light that passes through it and therefore, the amount of light that ends up on the camera’s sensor. It is essentially a darkened piece of glass that is designed not to change anything other than the quantity of light that passes through it. while ensuring that the color of the light or polarisation of the light doesnot get affected. With the use of a NDV filter a photographer can indulge in some creative effects such as using a wider aperture (for depth of field effects) or a longer shutter speed (for time-based effects) than would not be possible otherwise. They are most useful in bright conditions where there is a lot of available light. An NDV filter is designed to allow a maximum of 10 stop difference of the amount of light through the filter and a minimum of one stop. Neutral Density Variable Fader provides 1to10 stop exposure reduction Please check your lens manual or lens box for correct size as there are different size filters for different lenses and it is important to buy the one that is meant for your camera lens and not a random filter.