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Nomad Design Riptide 95/115 Floating Fatso Walking Stickbait

AED 196
Style Name: Riptide 115

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Product Description

NOMAD DESIGN SALTWATER CASTING FLOATING STICK BAIT LURE RIPTIDE 115mm/25g FATSO The RIPTIDE "FATSO" is wire body version of the renowned Riptide design 115 Riptide has had the body shape "fattened" up to create the ultimate surface walk the dog style lure and to create a lure that will nearly turn 180 degrees on itself on the surface when twitched

The internal rattle combined with the seductive walk the dog action when twitched across the surface make this lure deadly on species like bonito,dorado,ambarjacks, queenfish, kingfish and a variety of reef species

The Gorilla Through Wire system is used on the 115 and 125 sizes making them super tough and ensuring that big fish never gets away

4X strong BKK trebles are used on the 115 and 125 sizes and feature Ultra Anti Rust technology

Designed to replicate slender bodied baitfish profiles found on species like pilchards, mullet and sardines, the riptide body shape is highly effective on all predatory bluewater species

Imported from UK

The Nomad Design Riptide 95/115 Floating Fatso is a heavy duty topwater walking (aka hard stickbait) lure designed to
survive the most savage of strikes time and again. With a design that replicates slender-bodied baitfish profiles like
pilchards, mullet, and sardines, the Riptide body shape is highly effective on all mid size predatory species, including
everything from far offshore dorado (dolphin) and tuna to freshwater bass in your local pond. These lure also have the
perfect balance to achieve that strike inducing "S" shaped surface action. With a long sweep of the rod tip the head
ducks under with a splash, with the water flowing over the lure's body a seductive body roll and "S" wave action is
imparted sub-surface. These Riptide Fatso models have a wider body than the standard Riptide and float higher to offer
different retrieve styles of fast and slow walk-the-dog retrieve. The larger head of this model creates an enticing
gulping noise as it walks side to side. Available in 11 colors and 2 sizes: 3 3/4 inch and 4 1/4 inch.

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