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JINFAN Cushions Mat, Pregnant Women Pillows - Full Body Pregnancy And Maternity Pillows Dreastfeeding And Care Pillows Washable Replaceable Boxes

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Product Description

▪ Conform to the beautiful and natural curve shape of pregnant women, this unique pillow effectively supports the back and abdomen, lifts the head and improves blood circulation

▪ Comfort and function: You can put it between your knees to reduce the swelling of your legs and feet; it will get rid of your body pressure and improve your sleep quality; no longer toss and turn around

▪ To ensure the most comfortable body support for a perfect night's sleep, this pregnant woman's body pillow is filled with fiber to create a larger fluffy effect, longer lasting elasticity and durability.

▪ Pillows with detachable and adjustable crescent pads; they will create many comfortable locations for basic daily activities such as reading, watching TV or nursing

▪ For better and lasting use of this maternity pillow, you can clean the detachable super soft fabric cover with a zipper for quicker pullout

Imported from UK

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Designed with quality in mind
Full body support, no need to change position
Pregnant women's pillows due to the contour U-shaped and luxurious filler maternity pillows | Care and feeding pillows
Full body pillows are created to provide excellent comfort for your head, shoulders, neck, back, abdomen, knees and
legs And support.
Relieve pregnancy or maternal discomfort, irritability, acid reflux, heartburn and back pain
Relieve post-operative or other chronic body pain and pain
Provide relaxation or support in bed
After a baby game or crib, it is good to take care and bottle feeding afterwards.
Great for pregnancy: Use pregnancy and maternal support body pillows during pregnancy to support the abdomen, back,
shoulders, knees and kegs. Reduce hearing, back pain and swelling during pregnancy
Comfort Pillow - Post-operative or chronic pain: Ideal for systemic support after surgery/surgery or to relieve chronic
body aches or fibromyalgia, ME or similar symptoms
Great for relaxation: relax in an armchair or bed while reading, watching TV and relaxing