• Thai Coconut Curry - Organic quinoa and hemp with savory vegetables, pineapple and coconut milk..
  • ORGANIC QUINOA - Organic Royal quinoa from Bolivia paired with tasty herbs and savory vegetables for a taste that you're sure to love.
  • INSANELY HEALTHY - Our quinoa is packed with all 9 essential amino acids, is high in fiber, and rich in anti-inflammatory Vitamin E.
  • FAST AND EASY - Ready to eat microwave meals or side dishes are just minutes away; just add boiling water!.
  • FAIR TRADE QUINOA - Our suppliers pay workers 5-10% above market rate because we value not only the product but the people behind the quinoa.
  • Imported from USA.
Our portable meal cups are great for on the go enjoyment anywhere. Enjoy while at the office for lunch or pack in your kids lunch box for a healthy meal that is easy to prepare anywhere. These quinoa cups are full of protein and fiber which makes them perfect for athletes, backpackers and anyone looking to add a healthy plant based protein option to their diet. Great addition to the busy professional and college student whom is looking for a healthy inexpensive meal with limited options for cooking.

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