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Gain Flirty Fresh 3 Month Dryer Bar Fabric Softener 1.92 Oz

Product Description

Keeps fantastic freshness in your clothes even after two weeks!

Stick it and forget it! Freshness, static control and softness. It’s automatic happiness.

Add even more freshness with Gain detergent

Imported from USA

Gain It’s impossible to be a wallflower with the Gain Forget Me Not Dryer Bar. The amazing Gain Original scent has
bursts of crisp citrus, a sweet green twist, and just enough floral fragrance.

Stick it in your dryer for up to three months and enjoy soft, great-smelling clothing. Now that’s fresh.

Features and Benefits


Lasts About 3 Months

Never forget to add sheets again with a dryer bar you can stick and forget and that lasts up to three months.


Amazing Gain Scent

The scent that started it all has bursts of citrus, a green twist, and the perfect amount of fresh, floral fragrance.


Gain Scent for Every Room

This softening formula is safe for use in both high-efficiency and regular machines so everyone can enjoy great Gain

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for my dryer?
Yes, the Forget Me Not Dryer Bar has been tested to show that it’s safe for both high-efficiency and regular household

Will it stick safely in my dryer?
When installed properly, the adhesive will remain stuck to the dryer drum until removed, locking the bar safely in
place—ready to dispense great scent.

How do I replace it?
You’ll know it’s time to insert a new dryer bar when the word "replace" appears on your old one. Pull back the wings on
either side of the holder, and the old bar should slide right out. Then simply snap the new one in place and let the
scent begin.

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