• Imported from USA.
    THE POWER OF UNDERSTANDING HOW YOUR BODY WORKS This extraordinary yet simple training provides the information ballroom dance teachers and students have been searching for. Great dancers have an inner sense as to how to stand tall, maintain their frames, stay in balance, swing, sway, and express themselves---making it seem like magic. But each movement we are asked to do in ballroom dancing requires a specific, anatomical action to produce beautiful dancing. Move Like a Champion provides a method of learning and teaching these essentials. Diane Jarmolow, Kasia Kozak, and Brandee Selck have combined their years of experience in dancing, teaching, and studying body movement to create this revolutionary program. It is accessible to all ballroom dancers, using simple exercises with fun names such as: 1. Anchors Away (how the shoulder blades work to maintain your frame) 2. Get a Leg Up (how the leg swings to create movement) 3. Barbie Feet (how to stand on the foot for balanced rise)