• Stream music wireless to your cars iPod integration system - Connect your Apple or Android device to the cars factory 30pin iPod cable. Compatible with Audi AMI (2G and other underpowered integration systems require an external 30pin to 30pin voltage injector such as dockStubz+), Mercedes Media Interface MMI, VW MDI and other original and after market 30pin (WMA1000) iPod integrations usually found in glove box or center console..
  • Automatic reconnection every time you enter the vehicle. Simultaneously works with your cars original handsfree phone whilst staying connected for seamless music playback. Does not add phone functionality, for wireless music streaming only..
  • Browse, skip and control music playback using cars original media system, steering wheel, and head unit controls for ipod, iphone, and most androids..
  • Plug and Play no installation required! Simply plug into your cars existing iPod Media socket and switch to your cars ipod or AUX mode. Ensure at least one song is in your library for proper initialization with the cars iPod system.
  • Display your iPod music library on your original car screen from your iPhone, iPad or iPod just like if it were plugged in..
  • Imported from USA.
Tired of not being able to stream music wireless to your car? The plug and play wireless adapter streams music as if factory designed with your cars iPod integration (ipod integration system required). The Bovee 1000 is a plug-and-play adapter designed for integrating wireless music streaming (works with Android or iPhone) with the original or after market iPod integration cable. Instead of manually plugging the iPod into the old cable, simply connect the device to the media interface socket and connect via wireless with your phone. It is then left in the car permanently connected to the original iPod socket. Once connected to your car and paired with your iPhone/iPod, every time you re-enter the vehicle the connection will be established automatically, meaning that your full music library will be instantly accessible on your in-car iPod interface, without having to remove the phone from your bag/pocket and manually plugging into the cable. This allows for a much more enjoyable in-car music experience as you can simply get in and drive, without the risk of leaving the iPhone/iPod in the car after the journey.

Bovee 1000 Wireless Music Interface Adapter for in Car iPod Integration

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