• This is a Non-vegetarian product..
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Grass-fed, 100% natural hydrolyzed collagen packed with premium-quality protein and 19 amino acids, that rebuild and revitalize your entire body from the inside out..
  • FOR HEALTHY AND YOUTHFUL HAIR, SKIN, AND NAIL: Keeps skin elasticity, improves skin moisture level, Fights against the signs of lines and wrinkles, as well as vitalizes hair, skin, nail health..
  • BOOST METABOLISM AND ENERGY. Collagen protein is critical to a healthy metabolism. Amino acids such as glycine can boost metabolism and increase energy levels..
  • HOW TO TAKE: Nature’s Secret Collagen Peptides are hydrolyzed, which means that they have been processed for enhanced absorption and dissolves instantly into hot and cold liquids..
  • REVITALIZE YOUR BODY FROM INSIDE OUT: After the ripe old age of 30, everyone’s collagen production decreases..
  • Imported from India.
Flavor:Unflavored Your search for the best collagen supplement is finally over! When you purchase from us today, here's what you can look forward to: · Pasture raised & cattle protein collagen · Promotes growth of muscle, skin, bones & joints · Get wrinkle free skin, healthy joints and more energy FAQs Q: What is Collagen? A.: Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that is found the most in flesh and connective tissues, and also contains many different amino acids. Type 1 collagen - is the most abundant collagen in the human body. It is present in scar tissue, tendons, skin, arterial walls, cornea, muscle fibers, intervertebral disks, and bones and teeth. Its use is important in improving muscle, eye, skin, cardiovascular, bone, and back health Type 3 collagen - the second most abundant type of collagen in the human body. It is found in the intestinal walls, reticular fibers, uterus, muscles, blood vessels. Q. What are the benefits of collagen peptides? A.: Collagen peptides are highly bioavailable. They act as building blocks, renewing bodily tissues, such as skin, bones and joints. Key areas of benefit include healthy aging, joint and bone health, sports nutrition and skin beauty. Collagen peptides are cold water-soluble and highly bioavailable and bioactive. Q. How much collagen will I get per serving? A.: We recommend a serving size of 2 scoops, which will provide 6 to 8 g of collagen. So Add to Cart now! Consider purchasing 2 packs for uninterrupted use, or as a gift for someone who will find this useful.

Nature's Secret Amino Collagen Powder 250 Grams,Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder Supplement for Skin,Hair,Nails,Joints and Bones.Collagen Peptides Type 1 & Type 3, unflavored (250 G)