• About this item.
  • Unique travel game where players circle the globe while testing their knowledge of world cultures.
  • Entertaining questions on people and places, food and drink, world treasures, greetings and gestures, or customs and traditions.
  • Fun way to explore our world while challenging your CQ (Cultural Intelligence).
  • 2-6 Players/ Teams; 636 Questions; 48 Cultural Scenarios.
  • Recommended for ages 10 to adult.
  • Imported from USA.
GRAB YOUR PASSPORT! LET'S GO CONTINENT HOPPING! Yes, this game tests your cultural IQ, but it's not just for world travelers! Try this question: What should you do before entering a home in Mali: a) whistle, b) knock on the door or c) clap your hands? Or this one: How many seasons are there in Bangladesh: 2, 4 or 6? You'll answer intriguing questions like these as you travel the continents, collecting passport stamps as you go. First one to complete their Passport wins, though the challenge continues as players check their CQ (Cultural Intelligence) score to see who earns top marks! The answers? c) Clap twice and c) 6. Game comes with game board, 318 question cards (with 636 questions), 24 culture cards, 6 play cards, 60 passport stamps, 18 answer cards, 6 playing pieces, a die, a score pad and instructions. For 2 to 6 players. Recommended for 10 years and older.

Passport To Culture Game