52 Top Quality Metal Collar Stays in a Divided Box

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Product Description

52 high quality stainless steel collar stays

Each collar stay has a beautiful polished finish

Collar stays are individually wrapped for protection

Sturdy plastic box with dividers for easy access

Choose the sizes that best suite your needs

STAINLESS STEEL- Stainless steel collar stays are built to last. Unlike their flimsy counterparts that come with your
shirts, these collar stays won't bend or break, keeping your collars sharp and crisp all day long.
VARIOUS SIZES- Collars are not all one size, so your collar stays shouldn't be either. Choose the correct size collar
stay for a neat, sleek look.
DIVIDED CASE- Pre-coffee, your morning has to be as simple as possible. This divided case keeps your collar stays
organized by size, so you can locate the ones you need even with your eyes half shut.
LARGE QUANTITY- With so many pieces at such a low price, there's no need to worry if they accidentally got thrown in
the wash or were "borrowed" by your roommate.

TOP QUALITY- Our collar stays undergo rigorous inspection through our triple-check system. Each collar stay is
individually checked for scratches and other deformities.
SMOOTH EDGES- What good is a collar stay that is going to destroy the delicate fabric of your shirt? Our collar stays
are engineered with smooth edges to ensure they don't rip or tear your shirt collar.
WORRY-FREE- Quality Stays recommends removing your collar stays before washing or drying your shirts. Forgot? Don't
worry. We don't coat our stainless steel collar stays with anything, so even if they come into contact with water they
won't leave unsightly rust marks in your collars.