• New and improved, snag free, continuous loop technology.
  • Polished chrome finish.
  • 18 storage compartments.
  • No hanging hardware required.
  • Holds scarves, ties, and more clothing accessories.
  • Imported from USA.
Shower Suction Shelves Closet Organizational items by InterDesign provide simple, streamlined functionality to any storage closet. In today's busy homes organization is key, so let us help you keep the items you use most within arm's reach. Simply hang your favorite item and start organizing. There's nothing to install — no nails, screws, or messy adhesives. Shower Suction Shelves The over the rod closet items provide versatile storage options for any closet. The over the door hook offerings are instant storage space-savers and fit most standard size doors. Both versions are made of durable steel wire and add storage versatility anywhere in your home — bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. The 8 Loop Scarf Holder is the perfect way to keep scarves, pashminas, and ties organized. An elegant, yet modern design, it's great for the entry hall closet! The 6 Hook Handbag Holder is a convenient way to store purses, handbags, and backpacks. Clean-up the mudroom clutter in an instant with this intelligently designed holder — also, perfect for baseball caps! Ties, belts and scarves finally have a home of their own with two great storage options from InterDesign! Select either the 14 Hook Vertical Rack or the 17 Hook Horizontal Rack to consolidate all your accessories. InterDesign's closet storage items come in a variety of options from scarf holders to tie and belt racks. If you need to store it, InterDesign has a solution. InterDesign Logo Closet Organization Over the Rod Storage 18 Loop Scarf Holder 18 Loop Scarf Holder 8 Loop Scarf Holder 8 Loop Scarf Holder 5 Loop Scarf Holder 5 Loop Scarf Holder Tie/Belt Rack Tie/Belt Rack Tie/Belt Rack Tie/Belt Rack Tie/Belt Rack Tie/Belt Rack Accessories Accessory Loop Accessory Loop 4 Hook Holder 4 Hook Holder 10 x 6 x 5 with Lid Accessory Hook 4 Hook Holder 4 Hook Holder Shelf Divider Set of 2 Shelf Divider Set of 2 Dual Accessory Hook Dual Accessory Hook 2 Hook Holder 2 Hook Holder S Hook Holder S Hook Holder Handbag Holder Handbag Holder Over the Door Storage 5 Loop Scarf Rack 5 Loop Scarf Rack Handbag Holder Handbag Holder Quad Hook Quad Hook 3 Hook Rack 3 Hook Rack 6 Hook Rack 6 Hook Rack Wallmount Storage Baskets 6 Hook Rack 6 Hook Rack Small Basket Small Basket Medium Basket Medium Basket Large Basket Large Basket