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Product Description

Airtight, Waterproof, Reuseable (Protects against bugs, moths, dirt, mildew and odors)

Triple Your Storage Space! (Compress, Protect, Organize)

Double Zipper (Airtight & Watertight)

Easy to Seal Slider. Vacuum Valve. Bulky Items Stay Compressed

Ideal For: Sweaters, Jackets, Pillows, Blankets, Other Bulky Items.

Imported from USA

Space Bag 12 Piece Super Value Pack. Triple Your Storage Space! Protects Against Bugs, Moths, Dirt, Mildew and Odors.
More space, more protection. If you can't make your storage space bigger, make your "stuff" smaller. Vacuum-seal your
bedding, sweaters, and other bulky items. You will gain 3 times more storage space when you remove air plus protect your
valuable belongings from moisture, mildew, insects, odors and allergens Air Tight, waterproof, reusable. Bulky items
Stay Compressed! Durable multi-layer construction. Super Value Pack features : Airtight Waterproof Reusable Bulky items
stay compressed Durable multi-layered construction Airtight and watertight zipper Sure-Zip Slider- easy to seal.
Includes the following: 3 Medium Bags (18" x 22.5"), 3 Large Bags (21.5" x 33.5"), 1 XL Bag (26.5" x 39.5"), 1 Jumbo Bag
(35" x 48"), 2 Carry-On Size Bags (13.5" x 19.5"), and 2 Suitcase Size Bags (18" x 22.5"). Manufactured in Mexico.