• Bands Included: Yellow: 2-4 lbs., Blue: 4-6 lbs., Green: 10-12 lbs., Black: 15-20 lbs., Red: 25-30 lbs.
  • 1. Any band can be used together at one-time to create multiple levels of resistance. (4lbs-75lbs).
  • Features metal clipping system on bands for attaching to soft-grip handles or ankle straps.
  • Includes a door anchor, carrying bag, ankle strap and starter guide.
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.
  • All Black Mountain Products resistance bands come with a manufacturer?s warranty.
  • Imported from USA.
Resistance bands, also known as exercise bands, fitness tubes, and resistance cords, are a great way to add variety to your strength training routine. Black Mountain Products resistance bands are made from high quality, natural latex material to ensure maximum life. Each resistance band set comes with a soft cushioned foam handles for comfort during exercise. Resistance bands are an excellent alternative to free weights, workout machines, and traditional body weight exercises. Training with Black Mountain Products resistance bands may assist with rehabilitative exercises, fat loss, building muscle and are ideal for travel. What's in the box? This set includes: * Cushioned foam handles * Door anchor * Carrying bag * Ankle strap * Starter guide * Five bands of varying resistance: * Yellow = 2-to-4 pounds * Blue = 4-to-6 pounds * Green = 10-to-12 pounds * Black = 15-to-20 pounds * Red = 25-to-30 pounds Benefits of Working with Resistance Bands In addition to being bulky and immobile, free weights are often limited in the number of exercises you can perform. Resistance bands, on the other hand, offer a surprisingly varied number of training exercises by simply changing your bodily position in order to change the tension on your muscles. Bands take up little space, are mobile, and easy to use on any fitness level. Warranty This Black Mountain Products item includes a limited 90-day manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. About Black Mountain Products Black Mountain Products manufactures and distributes high-quality home exercise equipment, with a complete line of resistance bands and doorway chin-up bars designed to deliver results in the comfort and convenience of your home, particularly when paired with home exercise programs such as P90X.