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Choice Parts - Black Recliner Cable with Release Handle - Exposed Cable Length: 4.75" - Total Cable Length: 39.5

Product Description

Fits Recliners from Most Major Furniture Brands - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Handle Size: 3" x 3-5/8"

Total Cable Length Excluding Handle and Z Tip: 39.5"

Exposed Cable Length (Length from Plastic Plug to end of Z Tip): ~4.75"

To get the Correct Size, Read Below Section "Getting the Size You Need"

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Imported from USA

Choice Parts Recliner Mechanism

Did you spend a lot of money on your reclining furniture and the handle or cable broke? It’s not an uncommon
occurrence. That’s why Choice Parts now offers these high quality, low profile black recliner handle-cable combos.

Getting the Size You Need

There are two major industry standard sizes. If you are unsure what size you need, the critical measurement you need is
the exposed cable length (the length from the plastic plug piece and the end of the Z tip), as seen in the photo above.
The 2 lengths we offer are 3.25" and 4.75". You can check your current length to determine the right size for your
recliner. The other measurements of this recliner are listed in the above bullet points. The total cable length is not
as important. It can be as long or longer than your previous cable and work fine. The excess cable will just hide inside
your sofa.


While this recliner mechanism is most commonly used for all major brands, there are a few that take a different fitting
on the plastic end piece or metal Z tip. Please check your fitting on the underside of your reclining furniture before

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