NES AV Cable"Simulated Stereo" Audio Video TV Cord for Original Nintendo System replaces RF Switch

Product Description

Top quality composite AV cable for connecting original NES to modern TVs

Yellow/Red end splits mono into

3 meters (~9 feet) in length

Gold plated connectors for top quality signal & HDTV compatible

Color coded ends match original NES's audio & video connectors

Imported from USA

SPECIFICATIONS: This is cable is the best method for connecting your original Nintendo to a modern television. It
contains gold plated connectors for optimal signal conduction between your NES and TV. To allow easy wiring, our RCA
composite cords are 3 meters (~9 feet) in length. This cable produces high quality video on a modern HD LCD, LED, or
plasma TV.

TOP AUDIO & VIDEO QUALITY: As the original 8-bit front loading NES has video & mono audio outputs on the side, best use
of these outputs requires the use of this unique AV cable. This cable has been designed to split the Nintendo's mono
audio output to two channels for a simulated stereo effect. Thus, sound will come out of both speakers on your home
theater or TV rather than just one. Both in video and audio quality, this NES AV cord is superior to using a traditional
RF adapter.

CONNECTION: Connecting this cable between your NES and TV is quite simple. It's been custom color coded for your
Nintendo and TV. Yellow/Red end splits mono sound from NES into "simulated stereo" sound at Yellow/White/Red at your TV.

NOTE: This cable will not work with top loading Nintendo Entertainment Systems as that model didn't have RCA outputs.
Just the cable is included in auction. The Nintendo system and other items in photos are not included and are simply for
demonstration purposes.

Manufacturer: Custom manufactured by Video Game Museum

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