• Handy pull cart for walking golf courses.
  • Durable, long-lasting steel frame.
  • Smooth-rolling 10-inch wheels.
  • Weighs 6.9 pounds.
  • Imported from USA.
Intech’s LiteRider golf cart is designed to make walking every round of golf more enjoyable for you. Weighing in at only 6.9 pounds, this cart will be easy to pull across any course. Equipped with a long-lasting steel frame and durable 10-inch wheels, the LiteRider is without a doubt the perfect golf cart for any player. .com ---- Walk the course in comfort with the Intech LiteRider golf cart. Equipped with a long-lasting steel frame and 10-inch wheels, the LiteRider makes every 18 holes a pleasant stroll. The cart weighs 6.9 pounds.