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Pathways to Vibrant Health & Well-Being Paperback – March 20, 2014

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Imported from USA

About the Author

Sue and Kathy have been friends for 24 years and business partners since 1994. They have received awards
and accolades for their businesses over the years and they love their latest venture into anthology book publishing
where they provide a forum for women to achieve their dreams of becoming published authors.

Their pride and joy is Powerful You! Women s Network, which they claim is a gift from Spirit. They love traveling the
country producing meetings and tour events to gather women for business, personal and spiritual growth. Their greatest
pleasure comes through connecting with the many inspiring and extraordinary women who are a part of their network.

The strength of their partnership lies in their deep respect, love and understanding of one another as well as their
complementary skills and knowledge. Kathy is a technology enthusiast and free-thinker. Sue is an author and speaker with
a love of creative undertakings. Their respect, appreciation and love for each other are boundless.

Together their energies combine to feed the flames of countless women who are seeking truth, empowerment, joy, peace
and connection with themselves, their own spirits and other women.

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