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Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son

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Starred Review. In her first book, Duron comes out of the mommy blog closet with an optimistic and
delightful memoir of her family's process of understanding, supporting, and celebrating their gender-creative son, C.J.,
who prefers Barbies to trucks and princesses to pirates. The story of the phenomenal growth that this mother exhibits as
she tries to do what she thinks is best—steering C.J. toward gender-neutral toys, navigating ever-changing rules about
what is okay for him to wear in public—is humorous and light, even when the issues involved are heavy. Duron employs a
range of resources as she tries to understand her son and how best to parent him, including speaking to her gay brother
and his transgendered friend, finding LGBTQ resources on the Internet, and discovering peers when she begins publishing
a blog about C.J. ( In Duron's story, parents will find support for a love them, not change them
style of parenting, optimism about the outcomes for their gender-creative children, sympathy for the difficulties of
parenting, and an affirmation of the appropriateness and necessity for fierce advocacy. Duron's call for compassion
should be heeded by educators, caregivers, and neighbors—an open heart, a desire to listen and learn, and a willingness
to accommodate go a long way in doing well by someone who differs from your expectations. Agent: Kari Stuart, ICM
Partners. (Sept.)

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Praise for Lori Duron’s Raising My Rainbow

"Heartwarming, though wrenching…what makes Raising My Rainbow fresh and enjoyable is Duron’s utter lack of pretension.”
—New York Times Book Review

“A powerful book at the right time.”
—Andy Cohen, author of Most Talkative

“Lori Duron, a writer of extraordinary generosity, has given us a guide to parenthood both gentle and revolutionary.
Raising My Rainbow is a valuable resource not only for parents of gender-nonconforming children, but for readers
everywhere who seek the courage to stand up for the ones they love. Fierce, wise, and illuminating.”
—Jennifer Finney Boylan, author of She’s Not There and Stuck in the Middle with You.

“Because of Lori's courage, there is now an answer when searching how to parent a child who is gender fluid, gender
non-conforming, transgender, gay or whatever label you use. This book is a wonderfully authentic read that will bring
depth, joy and understanding to parents, extended families and anyone seeking to learn how parents can and do love
gender creative children. To acceptance!”
—Cheryl Kilodavis, author of My Princess Boy

"[S]mart and witty...first-of-its kind...a frank, funny, feminist book."
—The Advocate

“[A]n optimistic and delightful memoir… Duron’s call for compassion should be heeded by educators, caregivers, and
neighbors—an open heart, a desire to listen and learn, and a willingness to accommodate go a long way in doing well by
someone who differs from your expectations.”
—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A heartfelt examination of raising a boy who wants to be a girl.”

“It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a gender creative parent to create a gender creative child. Lori
Duron is just one of those parents, and Raising My Rainbow is a must-read for the entire village. Beautifully written,
humorous, and deeply open and self-reflective, this book, the first of its kind, gives us a window into a mother’s joys,
pain, and courage raising a child who goes against the binary gender grain of our society. This is not only an
outstanding book, it is a big step forward in making it a better world for all of us.
—Diane Ehrensaft, Author of Gender Born, Gender Made

"First drawn to Lori's work as an educator and LGBT activist, it was my role as a father that provided the most poignant
critical lens for Raising My Rainbow. While nobody has a blueprint for parenting, Lori's compassionate, insightful, and
yes, humorous take of raising a "gender creative" child should be required reading for anyone bringing up or working
with children."
—Frank Bua, author of Lost and Found, and Board Member, Family Equality Council

“I fell in love with this. Lori Duron has written a very important book, and as an author she is extremely generous in
sharing the story of her family and in particular her own journey which made her realize that her job regarding her son
is to ‘not change him but to love him’. Duron and her husband and oldest son beautifully rise to every challenge C.J.'s
gender creativity presents to them. As a reader, I felt privileged to witness their journey.”
—Lesléa Newman, author The Boy Who Cried Fabulous, Heather Has Two Mommies, and October Mourning

“Lori Duron has painted an exquisite picture of the complex journey that is raising a gender diverse child. In
chronicling her family’s transformation from confusion, to fear, to acceptance and ultimately fierce pride, she has
provided an unwavering celebration of her child's gender self-determination. Not just a book for families with gender
nonconforming children, Raising My Rainbow is wonderful resource for all parents committed to honoring children for who
they are.”
—Joel Baum, Director, Education and Training, Gender Spectrum TM

“Laugh-out-loud funny, tug-at-the-heartstrings moving, and thoroughly thought provoking, Raising My Rainbow is a
must-read for anyone who has ever worried that their child—or a child that they know—might be perceived as ‘different
from’ or ‘other than.’”
—Jody M. Huckaby, Executive Director, PFLAG National

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