Eclipse Rise of The Ancient Expansion Board Games

by Asmodee

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  • Eclipse is required to enjoy this expansion
  • Four new species: The Magellan, exiles, rho Indi syndicate, enlightened of Lyra
  • Rare technologies, developments, warp hexes, 6 basic new hexes, alliances, new discoveries
  • 2-6 players with game play lasting 1-3 hours
  • Contents: rules, 108 ship models, five boards, two hexes, five tiles, 25 markers
  • While the galactic conflict escalates and several new factions are trying to get a foothold on the galaxy the
    adversaries suddenly need to find allies among themselves to face the rising threat. The systems previously thought to
    be empty are suddenly swarming with Ancients ? whole worlds of them with ship capabilities way beyond anything seen
    before. They are not willing to negotiate. The expansion introduces several new additions to the base game such as Rare
    Technologies Developments Alliances Ancient Homeworlds and Warp Portals. There are also three new player boards with
    four new different alien species to choose from. New components allow up to nine players in one session. Due to the
    modular design you can use all of these additions or just some of them in any game of Eclipse according to your
    preferences and play style. The Ancients are rising. Will your civilization rise to the occasion and emerge victorious?
    Eclipse: Rise of the Ancients is the first full size expansion for Eclipse.


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