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Product: 219729

Gurps Zombies, 4th Edition

Product Description

Here you'll find all zombies: "clean" and infectious, enslaved and free-roaming, living and undead, pseudoscientific and supernatural, and more.

Stats and templates for 23 ready-to-use zombie types, plus lenses for variants.

Support for fighting, surviving, curing and creating zombies as isolated incidents or total apocalypses - in every genre.

GURPS Fourth Edition keeps all the detail of previous editions and adds new options, yet is smoother and easier to run.

Learn just one system and get on with the game. Everything works with everything else!

Imported from USA

Braaains! Zombies have shuffled into mainstream cinema, television, and digital games. They've even crept into the
news! And now, thanks to the power of GURPS, they've battered down the walls of horror roleplaying. GURPS Zombies
covers a horde of shamblers and infected freaks, from the ritually drugged slaves, through flesh-eating ghouls, to
fantasy undead... and beyond! Curses, plagues, magic, mad science: if it turns people into mindless monsters, it's
here. Zombies helps the Game Master design and deploy zombies in any genre, while giving the players the advice they
need to tackle the roles of hard-boiled survivors. Whether zombies are a one-off encounter or a world-destroying
apocalypse, GURPS Zombies can bring any campaign back from the dead.