Product: 220350

SnowStoppers Waterproof Stay On Kid's Winter Fleece Mittens

Product Description

Fully Waterproof Liner & Thinsulate Insulation

Patented SnowStopper Sleeve, so Snow Doesn't Get Between Coat & Glove

Warm & Soft Fleece on Backside; Nylon Material on Palm Side

Put them on before the Coat & They DONT FALL OFF!

These Mittens run Small - It may be best to order 1 size up

Imported from USA

These are the original Patented SnowStoppers Mittens. It's the elegantly simple SnowStopper Sleeve that makes them
different. The SnowStopper Sleeve STOPS the SNOW from getting in to the wrists between the coat and mitten and stops the
mittens from falling off. The SnowStopper Sleeve is worn under the coat so there is no bulky and unsightly material
covering the coat. You put them on just before the coat and they STAY ON. They keep the HANDS, WRISTS and ARMS extra
warm. WATERPROOF - Fully waterproof lining inside. THINSULATE© Insulation Your child will stay warmer, play outside
longer and have more fun in the snow. Tough Grip Palm makes them great for Skiing and Snowboarding too. They're kid
tested and mother approved for hours of fun in the snow. * * These mittens make a great GIFT. * * Did this ever happen
to you? You spend 45 minutes getting the kids dressed to play in the snow, and then finally get them outside. But before
long you hear, "I'm cold", and your child is looking at his or her hands and wrists. You see that the mittens have
fallen off or there is snow between the coat and mittens. In either case, your child's hands and wrists are
uncomfortably cold now. You wipe away the snow, but the hands and wrists are already cold and wet, and it's just going
to happen again. You end up with the kids back inside the house in less time than it took to get them dressed to go out.
It won't happen again. That's our pledge to you. Sizing: These measurements are the outside of the mittens from
fingertip to where the mitten tightens at the wrist. Subtract ¼ to ½ inch for inside measurement and to allow room for
fingers to move: Xtra Small 3-3/4" (No Thumbs) Small 4" Medium 4-1/2" Large 5" Xtra Large 5-3/4"