Product: 220356

Elastic Scarf or Hat Clip Attacher with Extra Heavy Clips (25 Colors Available)

Product Description

Sturdy Elastic Webbing; Strap is 4 inches long and 1 inch wide

Useful for all.babies, kids, teens, and adults! A must have for eveyone!

Prevents your hat or/and scarf from losing by attaching them to your coat with this elastic strap and clip ends

Convenient. Just slip off the hat or shawl and it'll stay attached to your coat ready for next time's use.

Stainless steel weatherproof clips are constructed with sturdy prongs to ensure maximum hold on thick Fabrics

Imported from USA

Have you ever lost your hat or scarf? Well, here is a perfect solution for this typical incident. Our extra durable
heavy hat and scarf clips will keep them safe and secure. Attach one end to the hat or scarf and the other end to the
coat Collar and let the hat hang when you get it off. No more loosing Hats and scarfs! It's worth it! And cheaper than
buying new ones! This great clip can also be used for sheet fasteners no more sheets flying off your mattress!