• Imported from USA.

    A revelatory, entertaining account of the world’s most
    indispensable mode of transportation

    Tom Zoellner loves trains with a ferocious passion. In his new
    book he chronicles the innovation and sociological impact of the
    railway technology that changed the world, and could very well
    change it again.

    From the frigid trans-Siberian railroad to the antiquated Indian
    Railways to the futuristic MagLev trains, Zoellner offers a
    stirring story of man’s relationship with trains. Zoellner
    examines both the mechanics of the rails and their engines and
    how they helped societies evolve. Not only do trains transport
    people and goods in an efficient manner, but they also reduce
    pollution and dependency upon oil. Zoellner also considers
    America’s culture of ambivalence to mass transit, using the
    perpetually stalled line between Los Angeles and San Francisco as
    a case study in bureaucracy and public indifference.

    Train presents both an entertaining history of railway travel
    around the world while offering a serious and impassioned case
    for the future of train travel.