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Navigation Rules: International - Inland

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Imported from USA

Includes corrections through Notice To Mariners (NTM) 47/04November 15, 2004 This book contains a complete copy of the
Inland and International Navigation Rules as presented by the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard requires that
an up-to-date copy such as this one be carried on all vessels 12 meters (39 feet) or more in length at all times.In
addition to a complete copy of the USCG edition (COMDTINST M16672.2D), Paradise Cay Publications has added the following
features to make our book more useful and comprehensive. 1) We have created an "Annotated Contents." This added feature
will help guide the reader to a desired rule. The topic of each subsection of the rules has been noted for quick
reference along with the page numbers for Inland and International Rules. 2) We have updated this edition for
corrections presented in Notice to Mariners up through November 15, 2004. 3) We have included detailed instructions on
how to log on to the NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, formerly NIMA) website and update this Rules