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Women Loving Women

Product Description

Used Book in Good Condition

Imported from USA

Women Loving Women explores the phenomenon of the contemporary "bi-sexual" or "lesbian" experience for the heterosexual
woman. However, while women loving women is indeed an emerging trend, it is also an age-old obsession that this book
also addresses and places in a historical perspective. The book investigates the reasons modern women are more open to
same-sex encounters, how these experiences can connect people and help them grow, and how regardless of one's sexual
orientation, there is much to learn here about the nature of love, sex, and physical attraction and its unconscious
determinants. In addition, Women Loving Women also responds to how these same-sex encounters are less apt to create
conflict in their heterosexual relationships, and actually might spice things up with their male partner (many men
fantasize about same-sex women relationships), break the ice with a best friend, or simply add a new dimension to their
sexual history. Women Loving Women features sophisticated photographs that will capture the warm and enlightening
approach of exploring erotic possibilities with other women, even when you don't identify yourself as a bisexual or
lesbian. Testimonials from heterosexual women who have experienced same-sex romantic encounters will be featured
throughout. Sidebars will also feature quotations from women-who-have-loved-women throughout history, such as Virginia
Woolf, Simone de Beauvoir, Anais Nin, and Eleanor Roosevelt, amongst others.

The photographs, shot on location in New Hampshire, tell a story of three beautiful women who leave their
boyfriends/husbands behind for a "girls weekend"-and discover a new dimension to their friendship