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    Review ------ The Protestant s Dilemma is different from other books written by Catholic converts. Devin Rose takes his reader on a dialectical journey, showing that the beliefs we share with our Protestant friends are only authoritative on ecclesiastical grounds that our Protestant friends reject. Working within the tradition of Socratic reasoning, Rose provides a compelling case for the Catholic Faith. --Francis J. Beckwith, Professor of Philosophy & Church-State Studies, and Co-Director of the Program in Philosophical Studies of Religion, Baylor University When as a Protestant I began to explore Catholicism, I Googled, Why become Catholic? What I was really searching for was a book like The Protestant s Dilemma. This book pokes, prods, and wrestles with Protestant beliefs, showing how they come up short and how the Catholic alternatives are true. If you struggle with the claims of Protestantism or even if you feel satisfied with them! The Protestant s Dilemma will open your eyes to the rich, logical, biblical claims of the Catholic Church. --Brandon Vogt, Word on Fire Catholic Ministries As a former Protestant pastor, I wish that I had read a book like this! Devin Rose serves as a theological tour guide, leading the Protestant from the parlor of Martin Luther to the high altar of St. Peter s Basilica. Along the way, he demonstrates that each and every step toward the Catholic Church conforms to Sacred Scripture and Church history. This is the guidebook to get you from the Reformation to Rome. --Taylor Marshall, author of The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism & the Origins of Catholicism Read more ( javascript:void(0) ) About the Author ---------------- Devin Rose is a Catholic husband and father. By day he's a software developer, and by night, after tucking the children into bed, he's a lay apologist. He has appeared on EWTN radio and written articles for numerous Catholic websites. Read more ( javascript:void(0) )