• See description for recommended fit-size.
  • Different thickness available | Thin, Regular, and Thick (Fleece-line).
  • Perfect to wear under short shorts or a skirt | Thin & Regular are Great for layering | Thick legging great for winter wear.
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  • Imported from USA.

1. Thin - recommended fit between size 0 ~ 6

2. Regular - recommended fit between size 0 ~ 6

3. Regular Plus Size - recommended fit between size L ~ XL

4. Thick - recommended fit between size 0~12

5. Thick Plus Size - recommended fit between size L ~ XL

6. Thermal - recommended fit between size 0 ~6

Please make sure to select the correct sizing.

We offer a variety of thickness to choose from. From the Thin
Leggings to be used under shorts or skirts, which, unlike tights,
do not cover the feet and are made of a thicker material. Regular
Leggings are great for layering. And of course the Fleece-line,
which is one of our most popular leggings; it has a thick fleeced
lining that is not only warm, but comfortable as well. Our
leggings are designed to stretch to mold around your body. The
leggings may seem small right out of the package, but once worn,
they will stretch to fit within the size parameters provided

As labeled on our description, our leggings are seamless.
However, like any other piece of clothing, there are what appear
to be seams bringing the whole piece together hidden in the inner
side of the legs, those are actually not seams, but where the
legging fabric was fused together to hold. The front and back of
the leggings have no stitching to keep a smooth surface and
comfortable fit.